2 Man Tents: The Complete Guide

Doing outdoor activities can be fun especially if you can share it with someone. Some individuals hike or do backpacking with a friend, a loved one, or even with a dog. During these situations, you will most likely need to have a 2 man tent. There are many 2 man tents in the market today, which can be quite confusing especially for a first time buyer.

Here is a complete guide on how you can find the right 2 man tent for your needs.

Consider tents that have lightweight and durable design

If you are going to look at the modern day 2 man tents, you will realize that manufacturers have invested a lot of money on making these tents lightweight and durable. To give you an idea about the preferred weight of these tents, it would most likely have an average weight of around 4 pounds per person. This means that the average weight of 2 man tents is around 8 pounds.

But of course, the manufacturers also check the durability of the tents. A lot of durable and high end tents are typically heavier than most tents.

You have to consider the packaged weight of the tent in order to have an idea how much everything weighs including the poles, pole sack, rainfly and other things that go with the product.


You will need to look at the interior space of the tent before you purchase the tent. In fact, you have to check not only if it has sufficient space for two people, but if it could also accommodate your belongings. As rule of thumb, it is suggested by outdoor enthusiasts to consider a floor area of at least 25 square meters per person.

Packed size

Why do you need to consider the packaged size of your tent? Packaged size is important especially if you are also bringing other things to your outdoor activity. If the tent uses less space in your bag, then the better it is. But of course, if you are doing the outdoor activity with another person, you can always split the materials.


It is important that the tent has sufficient ventilation especially if you are hiking during summer. You want to prevent moisture to build up inside the tent, since this can be a problem. This is when mesh windows and panels play an important role in the tent’s overall design.

Material of the fabric

The fabric is a great consideration whenever you are buying a tent. You have to evaluate closely the type of fabric used by the manufacturer. There are two types of popularly used fabrics for tents. Nylon and rip stop are the fabrics usually incorporated on 2 man tents and other types of tents as well.

Now, keep in mind that nylon is not waterproof. Nylon is usually treated to give it a water resistant property.
Going outdoors can be fun when you go with other people. This is when 2 man tents could come in handy. But of course, you have to consider the details that make 2 man tents different. Looking at these things, you will be able to get the right one for your outdoor needs.